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27 December 2012 @ 04:01 pm
[sticky post] Story Index  
Terms of use:
You may recolour, pull apart, Frankenstein, boil, laugh at or eat any of my creations. Credit is not required, but is appreciated. Don't be shy to share a link to your creations - chances are I'll download them and flaunt them to the world. Please keep other people's TOU in mind if I used their textures or mesh parts. Happy simming!

(Un)Pleasantview Index

Chapter 1: Family
Life in Pleasantview just got a bit more interesting.

Snippet I: Sanctuary
"Thank you, Jon."

Chapter 2: Friends
"Making friends with people your own size?"

Interlude I: Time
"Time is the longest distance between two place."

Chapter 3 Part I: Fire
"Has Death come to snatch my wretched soul?"

Interlude II: Macbeth's Letter
"Were you happy?"

Chapter 3 Part II: Shadows
"Your daughters are here."

Chapter 4: Mirrors
“How many centuries has it been since you last walked this domain of mine, Death?”

Snippet II: Cake
"One tiny little crumb missing and I will skin you alive!"

Chapter 5: Curses
"Oh dear, which poor sod was it this time?"

Chapter 6: Blood
"Lady Elvira will be pleased."

The Crypt Index

"What are you doing here?"

The Chosen Index

Hecate: Veronaville, 1582 Part I
"You have been chosen."

Lolita: Veronaville, 1582 Part II
"You may call me Lolita."

Hecate: SimCity, 1959 Part I
"Yes, my mysterious woman?"

Olive: Strangetown, 1985 Part I
"Nothing was worthy of a trade in the eyes of Death."

Olive: Strangetown, 1985 Part II
"I wasn't talking about your life."

Grim: Strangetown, 1985 Part III
"I am also the father of vampires, creator of mummies, zombies and poisonous Pina Coladas, but I don't think she needs to know that."

Seasonal Photoshoots

Christmas 2013: Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas!